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Clients are family. Plain and simple. This is how Stuart Greenley treats all of his clients, and it’s relationships that set Stuart apart from other Financial Planners.

Stuart has been an independent Financial Advisor for over 10 years, and in 2011 he opened his own firm in Calgary, AB. He knows the importance of trust within the financial industry, and having his name as the brand is just one more reason to build trust with clients.

Stuart is constantly learning, and focused on improving every part of his clients’ experience. The monthly communication is just one way Stuart keeps in constant contact with his current clients.

One of the big differences in working with Stuart is the process he has implemented for financial planning. He understands the client’s perspective.

Stuart listens first, asks (some tough) questions second and then implements the Ardent Wealth Process. Having a system that works allows Stuart to focus on his client’s long-term goals. Stuart’s system is introduced to clients at the first meeting, and is what keeps things simple and on task.

Stuart’s clients work through a comprehensive financial plan, and revisit this plan every year.

Stuart knows the way to get what you want out of life is by helping others get what they want. Being an independent financial advisor gives him the flexibility to do what’s right for the customer, every time. Allowing his clients to enjoy life, as well as build a financial plan is part of how Stuart gives back in his industry.

Stuart’s loyal, honest approach is a refreshing way to look at your financial future. Take the time and get a comprehensive plan, know your future and be clear about where you are today.

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Stay tuned for Stuart’s upcoming video series that will be available on his YouTube channel “The Five Keys to Retirement”.

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