Preservation Elite Program


This program is designed to help either families or individuals with excellent cash flow and over $1,000,000 liquid net worth.

If you have accumulated wealth or have recently had a windfall of money, then this program is for you.  Whether it is an inheritance, or a lottery ticket – Ardent Wealth is going to help you become worry-free financially.  We provide excellent reporting on family, business, travel and health as your priorities change with this new stage in your life.  Each program is custom designed for your needs, and private money managers are brought in on a case-to-case basis, depending on need.  Our key planning tools in this program are trusts, as well as wealth protection planning – we get your heirs ready for a transfer of wealth.

This program includes:

  • Retirement Planning – if you have been accumulating wealth and have a clear plan then we just keep you on that plan and make sure that everything is covered.  If you have just come into a windfall, we make sure that your retirement is protected.  We start planning immediately and create a custom plan for you and your loved ones.
  • Investment Planning – whether you are very comfortable investing or it is a new concept to you, Ardent Wealth is here to help start an investment portfolio custom designed to your needs.
  • Education Planning – this process is made simple with our worry free programs, and whether you have contributed for years or haven’t contributed anything – Ardent Wealth will create your plan.
  • Insurance Plan – this includes accident insurance, unexpected death, and wealth protection.  We review your current insurance plan and make sure that you have the right amount and type of insurance.
  • Tax Plan – we ensure that you are paying the least amount of income tax required by law, and this is done accurately and efficiently through our relationships with accountants.
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