Segregated Funds Reporting Excluded from most Dealer Client Statements

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What you need to know

Clients who hold segregated fund investments will no longer see any related trades or transactions reported on their Mutual Fund Dealer statements for Q4 2015.

The Client Relationship Model (CRM2) is a series of regulations being rolled out over a three-year period designed to bring more transparency for investors.The CRM 2  reforms apply to Mutual Fund and IIROC dealers that are required to follow the Canadian Securities Administers. Investments such as segregated funds are excluded from the CRM II requirements. In order for our statements to be consistent with the changes, we have removed segregated funds. This change is reflected in the Q4 2015 statements.

You will be able to ask your advisor to run a Portfolio Summary Report which will include all of the client’s holdings. Clients can also access Web Connect, their Personal Financial Website, where they can view their segregated fund holdings.

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